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Acer Unveils its new concepteD laptops

Acer Unveils its new concepteD laptops
Acer Unveils its new concepteD laptops

Wave of news at Acer. The Taiwanese manufacturer unveils a large number of new laptops. Among them, 3 models caught our attention. The Acer ConceptD 5, designed for professional photographers and videographers; the Acer Swift X, a compact and powerful ultraportable, as well as the Predator Triton 500 SE, which combines portability with a large reserve of power. Not to mention the Acer ConceptD Spatial Labs, which opens the doors to 3D without glasses. Back to their main characteristics. Acer Unveils its new concepted laptops.

Acer ConceptD 5: the laptop for creatives gets a makeover

First of all, Acer is updating its portable PC for creative nomads, the ConceptD 5. For the record, the ConceptD range is the one that is most aimed at photographers, videographers, architects … and those who want an excellent compromise between performance and mobility. What we were able to verify last summer during our review of the Acer ConceptD 7.

Externally, the new generation of ConceptD laptops adopts a new dress. The chassis becomes slightly thinner, but retains the orange backlight of the keyboard. In terms of connectivity, the Acer ConceptD 5 is complete. There are 2 USB-A ports, 2 USB-C 3.2 ports, one HDMI port, one RJ45 port and one SD card slot.

But the main novelty of this new Acer ConceptD 5 is the arrival of a screen in 16:10 format. Higher than the “traditional” 16: 9 aspect ratio of laptops, it offers more display area. Ideal for reworking your images or for editing text. This taller panel also allows Acer to reduce the bottom edge of the screen. Going from 15.6 inches to 16 inches, this display opts for a definition of 3072 x 1920 pixels.

In terms of color reproduction, the panel is Pantone certified and is compatible with the DCI-P3 standard. The display’s Delta E should also be less than 2.

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Under the hood, the Acer ConceptD 5 is equipped with an 11th generation Intel i7 processor, accompanied by a maximum of 64 GB of RAM depending on the version. To offer more performance, this chip is supported by a latest generation NVidia GeForce RTX 3060 graphics card. It should make the PC much faster when exporting videos; she should also be comfortable with artificial intelligence tasks – with software such as Sharpen AI or Luminar AI. Note that a Pro version has an RTX A5000 or A3000 graphics card depending on the version.

To keep the beast cool, the computer is equipped with in-house Aeroblade technology, which should ensure better air circulation while keeping the sound volume low enough.

Acer also offers a ConceptD 7 Ezel Pro workstation. It has the particularity of having a touch screen mounted on a double-hinge, tilting on 2 axes (in the same way as the screens of Sony hybrids, for example). This model is available with an 11th generation Intel Xeon processor and an Nvidia RTX A5000 or A3000 graphics card. Ideal for the most demanding uses.

Finally, Acer has updated its ConceptD 3 range. The design remains unchanged; however, Acer incorporates 11th generation Intel processors, along with an Nvidia RXT 3050 graphics card.

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